Photography by Royce Howland

Going Up or Down?

I had a great time walking the waterfront along the St. Lawrence River in Montreal. I paid particular attention to this giant, rusting edifice. This is a part of Silo No. 5 at the Pointe-du-Moulin, an historic facility first constructed more than a century ago, and used until 1994 for transferring grain to ships. Various plans for preservation or redevelopment have been discussed in the ensuing years, and now there's talk of a new master plan to be delivered to bring renewed life to this structure and others in the immediate area. Hopefully the prospects are trending up, not down. Copyright © Royce Howland. All rights reserved.

Fallen from Earthly Flight

Canada's first generation of commercial wind turbines was installed on Cowley Ridge in southern Alberta. Going on-stream in 1993, by the end of its run the wind farm comprised 57 turbines mounted atop steel lattice towers, in total generating 16 MW of electricity. The design lifespan of the turbines was expected to be around 20 years, and they made it to 23. The entire facility was decommissioned and taken down in the spring of 2016. Most of the material from the decommissioned structures was recycled. This photo shows one of the first couple of towers to be brought down. Copyright © Royce Howland. All rights reserved.