Photography by Royce Howland

Fading Fall Flame

I thought autumn would arrive like a ton of bricks, this year. But after an initial snap, the season leveled out into a slower-than-usual, graceful progression of color, shortening days, and increasing chill. Unlike many years when colorful foliage vanishes almost completely after the first hard frost followed by the first wind storm, this year the color has been slipping away gradually. Out with the camera, I caught the brilliant glow of late afternoon light on a remaining patch of leaves against a dark wooded background. Fall’s flame is fading, but today it’s not yet out. Copyright © Royce Howland. All rights reserved.

Blood From A Stone

Iron deposits embedded within a rock, just below the surface, slowly rust over time. Cracks and flakes along with the rust-red streaks seem like wounds, some scarred over and some still bleeding. Where does stone go for medical attention? Copyright © Royce Howland. All rights reserved.