Photography by Royce Howland

April Showers Bring Wet Lizards

Near the fishing and tourist town of Oistins, Barbados, a late morning cloudburst sent everyone ducking for cover. This colorful Barbados Anole blended into the relative shelter of some broad leaves, but it wasn’t quite enough to avoid getting splashed. Copyright © Royce Howland. All rights reserved.

Here's Looking At You

On a late fall afternoon heading back to home base, our group passed a nice looking Grizzly Bear along the side of the highway. A small “bear jam” of vehicles was already developing, even on the lesser-traveled road we were on, so we didn’t stay very long. Just long enough to use the cloudy light for a few good images of this impressive creature, moving steadily along the forest edge while we clicked our shutters from within the vehicles. Always think of safety first – your own and the animal’s – when you’re around wildlife. Copyright © Royce Howland. All rights reserved.

I Should Be So Industrious

Bee populations have been collapsing in recent years, and this has been evident in our home garden as well. This year bee numbers have rebounded a little, which I hope is encouraging. The native bumble bees seem to really like this type of sea holly; I've seen as many bees on a small clump of spikey flowers at one time as I've seen in the entire garden in past years. I enjoy watching them, almost like some form of ballet mixed with pragmatic productivity and the occasional skirmish. On a warm summer day with flowers in bloom I can spend hours watching the different species work through their more or less favourite blooms. They're more industrious than I am. Copyright © Royce Howland. All rights reserved.

Beware the Feeding

One of the more unusual roadside attractions I've ever stopped at was the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch near Picacho, Arizona. For a small fee, a cup of feed pellets can be purchased and then fed to a bunch of ostriches. They are quite determined, even aggressive, in getting at the pellets. Plus, they've learned that the appearance of a black plastic cup means food. It's a coincidence that a black camera lens with a hood on the front of it looks quite similar to the food cups. Fortunately, camera lens glass is quite tough nowadays. Copyright © Royce Howland. All rights reserved.