Photography by Royce Howland

Look To Your Wings and the Horizon

The airplane hums along at cruising altitude, no longer at Calgary but not yet at Toronto. A smooth, thick layer of cloud obscures all of the details below – where I came from, where I’m going, what I’m passing over. All I can see is the horizon and the wings that are taking me towards it. Copyright © Royce Howland. All rights reserved.

Last Wave of the Day

Surfers come to shore on their last wave of the day, as the sun sets behind a line of sailboats and ships. It's a good way to finish out the day. Then again, it seems just about anything is a good finish to a day on the island of Barbados. Copyright © Royce Howland. All rights reserved.

Gone Fishing

I don't really go fishing any more, but I do like to be "gone fishing", if you catch the difference. And there are very few places I'd rather be gone fishing than the island of Barbados. I know the idea of an earthly paradise means different things to different people, but this is close to it for me. Copyright © Royce Howland. All rights reserved.